Aqus Cafe at Foundary Wharf

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While creating a 3D virtual tour for the Foundry Wharf we ran into John Crowley, owner of Aqus Cafe and past recipient of Petaluma’s highest citizenship award the ‘Good Egg‘. He saw our equipment and asked if we would take a 360 Panoramic photo of his cafe which may appear to anyone walking by to be your garden variety coffee shop. But it is far from it.  He created an environment attracting a mix of Petaluma customers who gather here representing all ages, occupations, talents, and family orientation.  While enjoying your organic soy latte or steaming mug of exotic herbal tea it doesn’t take long to start adsorbing this extraordinary atmosphere which has made it a hot spot of social capital in Southern Sonoma County, better known as the Aqus Community.  This has also made Petaluma’s Foundry Wharf an attractive business park for companies who want to attract talent who wish to work here.

John Crowley

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